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We are looking for SE positions!


Application Requirements

Occupation System engineer position
Place of work

-Work at Ryobi Lao Office.

-Possibility of going to training for about a year in Japan (Okayama city)
(The training period varies depending on the job, so it may take from several months to two years)
Business content

-System engineer position

Software development and development management.

-Computer skill

Windows 10, Ubuntu, Android
JavaScript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, etc.
Java, C#
Cisco, FortiGate
Git, Subversion


Application Conditions


-Required condition

Ability to communicate in both Japanese and Lao languages. Have software development or SE (System Engineer) skills.

-Preferred requirements

Experience in software development management.

Work experience Required
Application method

Please send your resume and curriculum vitae. (Mail to
The personal information included in the application documents will be used solely for our company's recruitment purposes.
We will responsibly dispose of the application documents.
Please note that we will not return them, so please understand.

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Labor Conditions (Laos)

Working hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Holidays / Vacations Saturdays, Sundays (2-day weekend), public holidays (Laos), annual leave (7 days in the first year)
Welfare Social insurance
Interview location(1st round) Ryobi Lao Office (Online interview is possible)
Interview location(2nd round) Ryobi Lao Office

23 August 2023

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