Aggressively and bravely challenge new areas and fields, and create new values.
  • Provide a more convenient and secure system, and contribute to creating a new society.
  • Solve customers’ problems, increase the value of customers, and expand business together.
  • Go international with broader perspective and higher views, and see both the company and ourselves grow and expand.



IDC services

Takes advantage of the national data center, and provides a wide range of services, from co-location services to IaaS/IDC consulting.

BPO services

Collectively undertakes back-office operations, such as data entry, for customers to be able to concentrate on core operations they wish to deal with primarily.

Information system services

Provides proven application service, through which the Ryobi Systems Group has worked for many years, for government and medical care.


Company Profile

 Company name  Ryobi Lao Co., Ltd.
 Date of registration  January 14, 2019
 Capital amount  10,000,000,000KIP
 Number of employees  21
 Board member
President & CEO
Toshiyuki MATSUDA
Yoshitaka ONODA
Makoto ASAO



Address Viengvang Tower, 15 Rue Bourichane, Vientiane , Lao PDR

Top Message

Ryobi Lao is a member of the Ryobi Group in Japan. The Ryobi Group develops various business activities, including the “Transportation and Tourism Group” using buses, trucks, and taxis, the “ICT Group” for information services, the “Total Life Services Group” for retailing and nursing-care business, and “Urban Development Group” for the real estate business. We, centering on the spirit of “sincerity and consideration”, have been growing as a proposal-based company that finds solutions for problems in society and in communities, by pursuing “safety, security, ecology, and health”. Also, we have built the two large-scale logistics bases in Vietnam and Myanmar to establish a cold chain of logistics in Southeast Asia, and have contributed to the development of Southeast Asian industries.

In Laos, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) introduction has been advancing rapidly, and the rate of people using mobile phones has exceeded 50%. However, room for expansion still remains in the government and companies for ICT introduction. ICT technology will further enter our lives, and become an indispensable presence.

As such, our Ryobi Lao has set a vision of “Enriching the country of Laos using ICT!”. We have launched projects that support activities of the e-Government plan, and eveloping/providing applications to enrich lives, as well as aiming for dissemination of ICT in Laos. As a partner of promoting ICT technology, each company that has an ICT Group, such as the Ryobi Systems, provides the support.Each company that has an ICT Group provides a wide range of unique brand information to Japanese customers across the country, for example, in government, the medical/health welfare fields, and private companies. All of them are also motivated companies that have addressed new business development, including data center operation, and promotion of IoT/AI projects. They are business entities where technologies to help enrich Laos have been consolidated. Our Ryobi Lao mobilizes the power of the Ryobi Group, and makes efforts on enrichment in Laos.

 Toshiyuki Matsuda
  President & CEO, Ryobi Lao

Top Message

Business supporting the Ryobi Group

The Ryobi Group continues to provide valuable services to help achieve comfort and productivity in various situations and environments in customers’ daily lives.

Transportation and Tourism Group

Through operation of buses, trucks, taxis, railroads, and ships, as well as tourism, we respond to various transportation modes, and produce pleasant travel and transfer.


ICT Group

We provide various information services for manufacturing/distribution, government, healthcare, education, finance, and traffic/transportation, and help shape future generations using new technology.

Detail: ICT Group Organization Chart

Total Life Services Group

Through engagement in supermarkets, fuel sales, highway service areas, restaurants, and nursing-care business, we support daily life and make it fun.


Urban Development Group

Through development of real estate, such as condominiums, general buildings, and property investment, we strive for urban redevelopment and town development for a new era.

ICT Group Organization Chart

Compliance Management Policy

At Ryobi Lao Co., Ltd., we are committed to maintaining a compliance-focused corporate management regime through engaging in fair and transparent business activities with professional integrity and high ethical standards.

In order to prevent commission of fraud and corrupt practices by our officers and employees in dealings with civil servants and other parties in foreign countries, and to promote appropriate and sound corporate activities, we have established Compliance Management Regulations.

We hereby declare that, pursuant to these Regulations, we are taking a strict and unwavering stance with respect to officers and employees who engage in any form of violation of laws, including but not limited to bribery, corruption, and fraud, thereby ensuring compliance management.

We cannot honor this pledge in isolation; hence, it is essential that we have full support from each of our valued business partners.

We look forward to our business partners continuing to support us in our endeavors, with an appreciation of the purpose of this policy.


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